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Bring your camera as you are about to embark on a thrilling 3-hour Whale watching experience you will never forget. Often called "Rigid Hull Inflatables", Zodiacs are fast, open vessels for those wishing to experience an exhilarating ride in the open air and sun. Look out for Vancouver Island whales, marine birds, seals, porpoise, sea lions, and abundant flora and fauna. The 12-passenger Zodiacs are powered with twin engines and are equipped with high tech safety equipment, as well as Hydrophones (an onboard acoustic system that allows listeners to hear sounds from beneath the vessel). After having been assisted onboard your 28-foot vessel, you will be offered gloves, goggles and sunscreen should weather conditions require. After a safety briefing with your Skipper, off you go! Naturalist interpretations are offered throughout your excursion including Whale, marine mammal and marine bird history. The biology, behaviour and habits of these animals will be discussed at the many stops made en-route. Photographic opportunities are phenomenal! With the vessel at rest, take out your camera and enjoy the nature around you as you listen to the naturalist imparting stories of the Pacific Ocean ecosystems. Catch a glimpse of a Dall's Porpoise, a Minke Whale or some majestic Killer Whales. If the conditions are right, you will have the opportunity to listen to their communication. Hydrophones onboard can pick up and amplify the hauntingly beautiful sounds of the Orcas as they converse with each other through a series of whistles and clicks.